Motherizing Childbirth Education
Preparation for the journey of
birth and parenting

Mentored by: Lisa Cryderman R.N.

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Successfully preparing you for the birth of your child using the methods from :


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What participants are saying:
" Lisa empowered my husband and I to approach the delivery of our baby with courage, strength, and a powerful connection with our intuition about what was right for us - all three of us! We will always be grateful for her role in bringing Erin Joy into the world."
-Karin & David Dorish

Pam  England, co-author of Birthing from WithinŽ, believes that:

  • Pregnancy and labour are not a medical events (even when birthing in a hospital), but a rite of passage that should be embraced.
  • Preparing for birth and mothering by sharing with other woman and mothers helps ease fears.
  • Birthing from withinŽ requires preparation and practice.
  • Committing to do whatever it takes to birth your child. 
  • Learning to listen and trust both her inner and physical strength, a woman prepares for labour.
  • Protecting your birth space so it is comfortable for you aids in the progression of labour. (quiet, dimly lit, warm and private)




    I will help you discover your inner strengths to aid in the birthing journey by:
  • Preparing for the unknowns in birth
  • Allowing yourself to make informed choices.
  • Discovering and embracing your new role as a mom and/or dad.
  • Unlocking labour and delivery secrets.
  • Dymstifying labour and delivery myths.
  • Exploring your creative, spiritual, emotional, and physical strengths through discussion, art and practice.




 Birthing From WithinŽ
 Extra-ordinary childbirth preparation
Validate, Motivate, Educate, Initiate, Celebrate
- Pam England
Motherizing Childbirth Education
Successfully preparing mothers for birthing of their child using the methods from Birthing From Within